23 Bedroom Wall Decoration Ideas You Can Make Yourself at Home

The Bedroom is your place of privacy, where you can express yourself in it, that's why the bedroom you have to create is as comfortable as possible
The Bedroom is your place of privacy, where you can express yourself in it, that’s why the bedroom you have to create is as comfortable as possible

Bedrooms do not look like many people, but that does not mean the comfort of the bedroom does not need to be considered. Indeed, because the bedroom is your place of privacy, where you can express yourself in it, that’s why the bedroom you have to create is as comfortable as possible.

More than that, the bedroom is also a place where you can relieve your fatigue. With quality sleep, of course you can welcome tomorrow more passionately. That is why, the bedroom must be created with a mature concept so that you feel at home for a long time in your bedroom. bedroom wall decorations To create a bedroom that makes you feel at home, of course by creating a clean and tidy bedroom.

In addition, create an attractive and unique bedroom, by filling every empty space on the wall or terrace of your bedroom. The more beautiful your bedroom decor, of course you will also feel at home staying in your bedroom, and comfortable doing various activities, both resting and studying.

Beautiful bedrooms are also not difficult to create. Good does not mean expensive right? Many items that you can use to create beautiful bedroom decorations. In fact, from used and cheap items, you can create elegant and luxurious bedrooms.

Well, want to know not, how do you create a bedroom decoration with inexpensive wall hangings that seem elegant and luxurious? Here are 23 wall hangings that can make you feel at home for a long time in the bedroom:

1. Butterfly Wall Decoration

Decorating a bedroom with butterflies can be an option for you women who want to give an elegant and girly impression on your bedroom. How to make a butterfly decoration itself is very easy. You only need colorful folding paper, scissors, and adhesive glue. For the color of folding paper, of course depends on your taste. If you prefer matching colors, then just use cartons of the same color. If you prefer a decoration that seems colored, then playing with cardboard colors can certainly be an option.

You can learn how to make butterflies from paper cartons on Google. If you want to look more attractive, you can decorate it with used buttons or other ornaments. if it’s finished, stick it in the right place, such as a place that is exposed to the sun, or on a bed, to give it the impression of elegance.

2. Cardboard Frame Decoration

Apparently, used cardboard can also be one of the ingredients that can beautify your room decor. From used cardboard, you can create photo frames that seem simple but elegant. To make it seem more unique, you can paint the cardboard with paint, so that if there is little damage to the cardboard, it can be covered by the paint. You can put used cardboard pastes on the wall so that it will create a girly impression especially for the women’s bedroom.

3. Decoration of Ice Cream Sticks

Know ice cream sticks? Surely ice cream sticks are not special, especially for those of you who are faltering to eat ice cream. But, have you ever thought that ice cream sticks can be one thing that can decorate and even beautify your bedroom? You can attach this ice cream stick to a board, then shape it into a house, garden etc. Then, use wood paint to give color, just stick it in your bedroom. Simple work with tools and materials that are also simple, but certainly seem unique and even elegant. Very interesting isn’t it?

4. Family Wood Scrabble

You can also decorate your bedroom by making scrabble family wood. The tools you need are only a few wooden blocks and photos of you and your family. You can decorate scrabble with words that symbolize your family to make it look more romantic. Other decorations are used cartons that you form animals or plants, so your qood scrabble family will look more attractive.

However, make sure that your scrabble decoration has the same shape and color, so it doesn’t seem to be deviating from your scrabble topic.

5. Minimalist Wall Decoration from Wood

Surely you often find used wood strewn around your house. Moreover, for those of you who might have neighbors who are just building their homes. Of course, you can find a lot of wood with various motifs, which you can make wall decorations.

The trick is to create a design like what you will create, from your collection of pieces, you can create a minimalist wall decoration that will make your room more elegant because of it. Very simple isn’t it? You only need to add wood paint that matches your room decor, so that the minimalist wall decoration from wood will be more interesting to see.

6. Fan Wall Hangings from Newspapers

Besides being able to create wall hangings from folding paper, used cardboard, or used wood, your room can also be decorated with newspapers. Wow, how do you do it? It’s simple, you just need to form the used newspaper you have into a fan. Then, stick it on your bedroom wall with a neat and patterned line.

Believe me, just from this simple thing, your bedroom will look prettier, and you will also be more at home staying quiet in your bedroom. More than that, from a used newspaper, you can shape it into flowers, birds, etc., so you can create natural nuances in your room only from a newspaper.

Well, rather than spending money, it’s better to use it instead, used goods around you? Besides being useful, you indirectly demonstrate to people, how to use used goods to be useful items and even beautify your room.

7. Decoration of Used Bottles

Ornaments from bottles are certainly no stranger to ears. But, the decoration of this one bottle will definitely make you feel at home for a long time in your bedroom. Why? Because of used bottles, you can create natural nuances in your bedroom. Entering your bedroom only, you will be made to feel inside a garden.

Hayoo, want to know how? Very simple, you only need used bottles, ropes and plastic flowers. The bottle is tied with gutters, then, in line, hanged with a rope, then taped to the wall of your room. Don’t forget, keep the plastic plants in the bottle, so that the taro looks like a twig, the bottle looks like a flowering stem. Isn’t it beautiful?

8. Decoration of Used Cans

Bedroom wall decorations can also be made from used cans. The way is very simple, you just need to make used cans that are still in good shape as a beautiful patch on your bedroom wall. After attaching it, you can store red select in it, until it presents an elegant and even romantic impression in your bedroom. Besides storing candles, you can also store other ornaments in the can, such as dolls, small robots, small statues, etc. The important thing is to make sure that the old cans are neatly arranged so that they look good.

9. Unique Photo Sticks

Do you like selfies? Of course, you have a large collection of photos, from when you were a baby to your age now. Now, what if the photos are displayed and form a “love” to make it more attractive. You can also shape it with bird shapes, flower shapes, or other shapes as you wish.

10. Embellishments from Bottle Caps

In addition to utilizing bottles as one of the tools or materials for making wall hangings, you can also use the bottle cap, as well as an addition to your bedroom decor. You can form many things from the bottle cap, whether it’s arranging your name, or the unique shape you enjoy doing. It would be more unique if you have a bottle cap with a variety of colors. For example, you want to form a peacock with the bottle cap. You can use the right blend of colors, so that the shape of the peacock will look even more unique, even if it’s only made of a bottle cap.

11. Wall Sticker Nature and Animal Themes

Do you like to collect stickers? What if collecting natural stickers then arranging them to make you feel inside the room and not your bedroom. This can also be the right way to create a room that looks cool, from the impression of nature found on the sticker.

12. Wooden Wall Decoration and Thread Twisting

Have you ever imagined that from entanglement of threads, it turns out you can create a beautiful decoration for your bedroom. The method is very simple. You only need a square or square wood. After that, you can form turns as well as you design, whether it’s entanglement in the form of a picture of “love” or other images, according to your wishes.

13. Used CD Pieces

Used CDs have been widely used by craftsmen in making handicrafts. Well, thus, this material can also be used as one of the wall decorations in your bedroom. Yes, with used CD pieces, you can create a variety of wall decorations that will make your bedroom look bright because of it. Especially when the sunlight reflected off the CD pieces that you attached to your bedroom wall.

14. Flower hangers

Often get a bouquet of flowers? Usually, getting a bouquet of flowers does make a distinct impression for the recipient. Moreover, if the flower is obtained from someone who is special to him. So naturally, if the flowers obtained will be treated so as not to wither. But in fact, these flowers usually cannot last long. If it’s like that, thrown away is usually the last choice.

Well, instead of throwing away the bouquet of flowers, what if you use it as your bedroom wall decoration? You only need to have a few flower stems and flowers that are preserved. Don’t forget, you also need to provide tools such as glue and scissors. You can arrange the stalks and flowers by sticking them on the wall of your bedroom. With flower hangers like this, your bedroom will have a nuance of nature that is sticky, so it seems cooler and of course comfortable.

15. Decoration of flowers / lamps from straws

This one is certainly no stranger to the ear. Yes, besides being used as a variety of decorations, straws can also be used as wall hangings in the bedroom that will beautify your bedroom decor. For example, by making photo frames from straws, or creating a house building or other building shape that would certainly look different when the decoration is arranged from a straw. Moreover, the straw can also create a lamp that will further beautify your bedroom. You can also add floral decorations, also from straws, so that your bedroom looks more attractive because of it. Now, how about it, want to try this type of wall decoration?

16. Orchid Decoration from Nail Paper and Paint

For those of you who like to create something from paper, you can apply that expertise by creating orchid decorations that will make your bedroom decor look more attractive. The method is also very simple, you only need to make angger flowers from folding paper or other types of paper, then create the pinch of nail polish. To look more beautiful, you can also make stalks, either from a rope or from a soft stick. A simple but proven method that many people like. How, want to try?

17. Flower Pot from a Used Bottle

Furthermore, for those of you who like to create natural nuances in your bedroom, you can decorate your bedroom by using a used bool as a flower. This method is certainly normal. However, what is more interesting is when you hang each bottle in your bedroom to be impressed as a room decoration. Take it easy, you don’t have to make it like the original pot containing ko soil. You only need to fill the bottle with pebbles or sawdust, then store plastic flowers or plastic plants on it. How, isn’t it interesting?

18. Wall Decoration in the form of Quotes

For those of you who like to make quotes or collect quotes, there is no harm in each of the quotes you collect, then you stick on the wall of your bedroom as a wall decoration. There are many ways you can do to beautify your bedroom by making quotes as the object. You can paste the quotes by writing them on a paper, or, pasting them and forming them into a building or writing your name. You can also hang each quote on a paper-shaped fold and you hang it in your bedroom. Many interesting ways right?

19. Paste Personal Works

Do you like to write? Or, like making quotes and collecting lots of quotes? What if you put your work in your bedroom, by making a special magazine containing your work? Besides being able to beautify your bedroom, this method can certainly make your hobby or talent more fun. How? Very useful isn’t it?

20. Create Polkadot Wall Decoration from Paper

You must be familiar with the polka dots on the bedroom walls. Usually this color is indeed created from different paint colors. However, of course this is not easy to create unless you have a variety of paint colors in your home. Well, if not, you can create the same atmosphere or decoration in a different way. The method is very simple.

You only need to make the colors from the folded paper that you form a circle and then paste it on the wall of your bedroom. The same results are simple and certainly more economical, right? Even if you are bored with the color mix, you only need to replace it with other colors and shapes without damaging your paint. Very interesting isn’t it?

21. Diverse Photo Frames

Photo frames are certainly no stranger to your ears. Photo frames are widely used to decorate the bedroom walls. However, it will be more interesting when you can assemble it more uniquely. Buy photo frames with a variety of shapes and colors, so that it will create a more interesting bedroom atmosphere than usual. If it is considered expensive to buy a lot of photo frames, you can create photo frames from used cardboard, such as from cardboard used milk powder, or other packaging.

22. Frame from Cain

Apparently, you can also make frames only from used cloth. Your bedroom will look more patterned when you make this fabric frame as your bedroom decoration. How to make a frame from this fabric is also very simple. You only need wood, adhesive glue, scissors and of course patterned fabrics. Cut the fabric according to the size of the wood, then attach the cloth to the wood using adhesive glue. After that, you just stick it to the wall of your bedroom. Create lots of frames with different fabric motifs, so look, your bedroom will look more different than usual.

23. Wall Decoration of Used Cables

From cables that have not been used, you can use them as wall decorations in your bedroom. The method is very simple, you just need to form the cable with a unique pattern, according to your wishes. Examples such as forming trees, buildings, or other patterns. Very simple isn’t it? Thus, instead of throwing away your used cable, it’s better to make the cable as a wall decoration, which indirectly must have trained your imagination and creative side.

Besides the 23 ingredients above, it turns out that it can be used as wall hangings, of course there are still many used items that can be used as decoration. Examples such as used buckets, shells, keresek, etc., which can also create a work of high artistic value. All of course depends on how your idea develops so you can create a work that is beneficial to the community, at least for yourself.

Well, if you are proficient, why not you can open your own business from the habit of decorating bedrooms with used goods? In this way, you not only can decorate your bedroom with capital and simple methods, but you can also use items that are already useless to be valuable because of it. Well, it is even more comfortable not to stay long in your bedroom?

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