6 Dining Room Decorations that Make Your Family Feel at Home!

Not only eating, the dining room then develops into a space where family activities occur
Not only eating, the dining room then develops into a space where family activities occur

In most ancient Asian traditions, families engage in eating together in the family room. However, in the European tradition most large houses, aristocrats, and castles would have provided a large room or ballroom with a large armchair equipped table that was used for eating or inviting guests for banquets.

However, now many people from around the world present a dining room as one of the mandatory space requirements. For small dwellings, the dining room is usually combined with the kitchen. Not only eating, the dining room then develops into a space where family activities occur. Jokes to serious conversation, everything can happen on the dining table.

Because of these personal functions and values, it is only natural that you pay more attention to the dining room decoration and eating utensils in your house. No need to be confused, see the following article to find inspiration for dining room decor that will make the dining room not only attractive but also “more alive”.

1. Console Table

Console tables are often considered unnecessary, especially in modern residential dining rooms. A console table is a table that is usually a food transition medium before it is served on the dining table. This table can also be used to put dirty dishes temporarily until the eating and eating activities are completely finished.

Presenting a console table will make the dining table much neater. For simplicity, choose a console table that has wheels so that it facilitates mobility. However, for those of you who have a small dining room, a more static console table might be safer.

2. Lighting in the Dining Room Decoration

Indeed, lighting is an important element for every space. However, lighting in the dining room decor has its own character. To maximize dining room decor, of course lighting must be right.

Because the activity in the dining room is centered on the dining table and in a sitting state, use a chandelier just above the dining table to focus the lighting on the main activity. In classic dining room decor, used to use candelier a lot. But now you can replace it with a crystal chandelier, or a plain hood pendant for a minimalist and modern design.

One more thing you need to know when installing chandelier as a dining room decoration, the distance between the table surface and the bottom of the ideal chandelier is 28 to 32 inches. Make sure the chandelier is not too low or too high.

If you have a large dining room, there’s no harm in adding a spot light to certain corners of your dining room. Additional lighting such as wall lights and table lamps can also be an alternative as long as it’s not too suffocating to other dining room decorations.

Fun fact: Yellowish light in the dining room, believed to be psychologically able to stimulate appetite, you know!

3. Plants as a Dining Room Decoration

Not only can you refresh the air in the room, presenting plants as a dining room decoration can also make the atmosphere of the space more relaxed. Moreover, you can use plants that have red leaves or have red or yellowish flowers in the dining room because these two colors can stimulate the family’s appetite while in the dining room.

For large dining room decorations, you can use large pots and plants in a corner of the room or on a console table. However, for a small dining room, you can make small plants decorate the dining table.

Fun fact: Spider plants that have thin, pointed ends can absorb allergens (such as dust), and within two days this plant can also reduce almost 90 percent of the toxins in the room, you know!

4. Decorating the Dining Room on the Wall

Many who pay less attention to this one architectural element when talking about dining room decor. Leaving walls with plain solid colors is usually the choice of anyone who doesn’t want to bother. This is certainly fine, but there are several colors that can stimulate appetite so it is suitable to be applied to the dining room wall. These colors are red and yellow.

However, of course not everyone likes these two colors. Relax, these two colors do not need to dominate your dining room wall. This is where your dining room decoration plays a role. There are several ways you can use to apply these two colors to the dining room wall without making it dominant.

Take advantage of paintings or photos that have a red contrasting color to be a display on one or several walls of the dining room. Not only giving colors, paintings or photos on the dining room wall can provide a more lively atmosphere in the dining room. In addition, you can also use wallpaper on the wall with a neutral dominant color with a red accent.

For those of you who have a small dining room, applying a mirror to one of the walls can help make your dining room feel wider, you know! You can also use pastel and white colors to make the space seem wider.

5. Cupboard or Display Cabinet

If possible, present a cupboard or display cabinet as a dining room decoration can be very useful. For those of you who have a lot of cutlery, cupboards or cupboards can be a solution so that the dining room or kitchen becomes visible because of the many knick-knacks that you have.

A cupboard with a half-open section can also be a place to display a variety of beautiful cutlery that you have or other unique displays such as bottles of wine or various ceramic and porcelain ornaments.

For a small dining room, adding a cupboard might feel a little stifling room. Use a hanging cabinet as a replacement solution for conventional cupboards. That way you can still show off a variety of beautiful cutlery without reducing the space for the dining room that has been limited.

For maximum visuals, make sure the design of the cupboard, console table, and dining table are aligned.

6. Dining Room Decoration on the Dining Table

When not in use, it does not mean that the dining table is left blank. There are several dining room decorations that can beautify the dining table and also some have special functions!

  • Flower vase

As discussed earlier, presenting plants on the dining table doesn’t just beautify the dining room but also has many other benefits.

  • Candle Holder / Candlestick

Not only as a decorative element, at certain moments you can use a candlestick for a more romantic dinner.

  • Tablecloth

Although not a mandatory element, tablecloths can help the dining table look more elegant, you know! Not to mention, the tablecloth will keep the table surface from food that may be hot. Some tables have material that certainly has extra protection, and tablecloths can be one solution.

  • Salt Shaker

Everyone has their own tastes. Putting some shakers containing spices such as salt, pepper, dried chili on a dining table can make it easier for people to enjoy their food. Choose shakers with designs that are specially made as well as decorative elements so as not to damage the beautiful appearance of your dining table.

Whatever the choice of dining room decoration for your dining table, make sure not to apply it excessively so there isn’t enough space, huh!

With the right dining room decoration, the dining room is not only more visually attractive, but the atmosphere of the dining room also becomes more soothing, alive, and can even trigger appetite for your family. Approximately, have you found what dining room decoration is still lacking in your dining room?


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